Care Guide



Each bag requires special care, depending on the type of leather. With new products, the leather still possesses its natural protective abilities and should only be polished occasionally during the first months of use. Be careful not to apply too much care, as this can lead to unwanted blemishes.

Make sure to keep your bag away from harsh solvents such as acetone, stain remover, paint thinner or nail polish remover, as these might strip the color from the leather. Specially formulated types of care for different types of leather are available from leather goods specialists.

Maintenance of different types of leather




Bags made of plain leather are best cleaned with a colorless leather oil or leather cream. Use a soft cloth to care for your bag and use products sparingly.



Bags made of patent leather can be cleaned with a special foam. The foam should be applied with a soft cloth and rubbed gently into the bag.



for bags with Cavallino (fur) by regularly brushing the fur in the direction of hair growth. This can prevent the hairs from breaking caused by constant friction against clothing.





Depending on the season, your bag needs special protection from intense sunlight or heavy rain. Should your bag get soaked despite your best efforts, stuff it with absorbent paper and use a hairdryer to prevent water stains. Make sure to keep your distance while blow drying.

Wet or damp leather should not be exposed to intense heat (e.g. heaters) as this might result in the leather becoming hard and breaking, damaging it irreparably. If your bag gets wet from rain, dab it with a soft cloth immediately.

Special care should be taken when wearing a light colored bag with dark blue jeans. The color in dark jeans tends to rub off on other materials!

Your pen can also be your leather bag’s worst enemy! In most cases, ink stains cannot be removed.

Grease or oil stains are best treated with flour, baking soda or ground chalk. Applied as soon as possible onto the affected area, they can soak up the grease and help prevent permanent stains.



The pouch supplied is ideal for storing your bag and protecting it from dirt and moisture.


With good care and proper storage, your bag can be your life-long companion.