Care Guide




To get a natural, clear and smooth grain, we use high-quality selected hides from leading Italian tanneries. We use leather that has been gently and sustainably processed and is a by-product from the food industry.

Markings and irregularities may be apparent even in the most high-quality skins. These are natural characteristics of the leather and should not be considered as imperfections. An abro bag can accompany you faithfully for many years. The longer you wear it, the more the leather unfolds and develops a beautiful patina.



Each bag requires special care, depending on the type of leather. With new products, the leather still possesses its natural protective abilities and should only be cleaned occasionally during the first months of use. Prior to cleaning, ensure the item is dry and remove any dirt with a cloth. Apply leather creams, lotions or waxes with natural extracts to care for your leather bag.

Specially formulated types of care for different types of leather are available from leather goods specialists. Be careful not to apply too much care, as this can lead to unwanted blemishes. We recommend storing your bag in the abro dust bag it comes in.



Leather, like all natural materials reacts to humidity. Protect all leather from rain and should it get wet, dry it immediately with a soft cloth. Make sure to keep your bag away from harsh solvents such as acetone, paint thinner or nail polish remover, as these might strip the color from the leather. This leather has not been waterproofed in order to preserve its natural characteristics. We recommend Protect Spray for suede and rough-surfaced leather. It may help to guard against staining and water penetration. Leather protectors should be applied after cleaning.


Discoloration can happen to leather of any color. To avoid discoloration, keep your leather bag in its abro dust bag and try to avoid contact with darker-colored items. Colorfastness cannot be guaranteed on leather. Suede leather may release some color. Try to avoid contact between suede bags and paler materials.



We recommend for suede leather gently and carefully use a special brush and erase the stain with a colorless rubber. For oil stains, household products such as flour or baking powder are best. These should be applied to the stain immediately to draw out the grease. We cannot accept any responsibility for damages to the product due to improper use.